Frutin’s Premium Thyme 40g


  • Carefully Picked And Gently Dried.
  • Aromatic.
  • No Artificial Colours. No Artificial Flavours. 100% Natural.

Shelf Life – 12 Months

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Frutin’s Premium Thyme is carefully picked and gently dried by expert growers to preserve all of the flavour, colour and aroma contained in its essential oils. That way, you’re guaranteed to get perfectly authentic flavour every time.

Frutin’s Premium Thyme, is aromatic and has a pungent flavor. Dried thyme is often more flavorful than its fresh counterpart. It can be used to add a little zing to cuisines from across the world – its subtle notes bring out the flavours of everything.

While the uses are diverse, it is especially good in sauces, as simmering it in liquid slowly draws out the flavour. Perfect for pizzas, pastas, dips, soups, kebabs, vegetable and rice dishes. Combine with tomato based preparations, for added zest. Great sautéed with vegetables in olive oil and garlic. Add to pasta sauces, vinaigrettes or marinades with olives. Adds flavour to oils and vinegars.

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