Pomace Olive OilPomace Olive Oil

Romera Pomace Olive Oil 1lt


  • Healthy Substitute For Other Cooking Oils
  • For All Types Of Cooking & Baking
  • Free From Argemone Oil

Shelf Life  – 24 Months

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The Italians have recognized how delicious, versatile and healthy olive oil is for thousand of years. We at Romera only select the very best Italian olives so constant quality is guaranteed. It’s a long and delicate process to transform olives into olive oil – from harvesting and crushing to kneading, extraction and storage.

Romera Pomace Olive Oil is a mixture of refined olive oil and “extra virgin” olive oil. This olive oil is widely used in cooking. Add the Romera magic to dishes made with pasta and bruschetta and for a simple burst of flavor to fresh salads and vegetables.

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